Accessory options for BBS kits

So you have made your decision; you are converting your bike using a BBS mid drive conversion kit! You picked your motor and battery combination, but then you see a few extra accessory options on the product page as well. What are these accessories and are they necessary? Let’s have a look!

Gear Sensor
This is a sensor that temporarily disengages the motor while changing gears, which helps to protect the drivetrain and the gears themselves. The Gear Sensor is viewed as a necessity when you are installing a high powered mid drive kit (the BBS02 or BBSHD) and/or if your bike uses an internally geared hub in the rear wheel. There is more detailed information about the Gear Sensor on this page:


Lekkie Bling Ring
The BBS kits come with a standard 46T chainring, but you can add the 42T Bling Ring to your order. The Bling Ring is an upgraded chainring and improves chain retention and riding performance, and (possibly more importantly?) the Bling Rings look pretty stylish as well. Being CNC milled from high-quality Aluminium the Bling Rings have a clean finish and can really be that crown on your BBS conversion. 

California Ebike chainring adapters
These adapters are not necessary unless you want to install a chainring onto the motor that's not directly compatible with the motor. The standard chainring and the Bling Ring bolt straight onto the motor without any adapters, so you don't need adapters if you use those. You can read more about the different options and compatibility requirements on this page:

Conversion toolkit
This toolkit includes the tools that are necessary for the installation and can be very handy to have. You can see which tools are included so you can make a decision on whether or not you'd need it:

We are sure that you can create an amazing e-bike using our BBS conversion kits and one or more of these accessories if needed!